Our planet is immense. But yet, it is also quite fragile. Daily headlines remind us that we live in a delicate ecosystem under serious assault. But thankfully, a new attitude is emerging. One that takes responsibility fro the problems we face and resolve to treat the planet more kindly.

What are the benefits of Jute & Jute products

– Jute is hundred percentage Bio-degradable and recyclable therefore it is environmental friendly.
– Jute bag is high strength and breathable fabric.
– Jute can be easily blended with other fibers & which is natural.
– Jute can retain high level of moisturizing.
– Jute is cost effective comparing with synthetic geo-textile.

Aftab Jute Mills Limited is a forward-thinking, carbon-zero company who produce high quality fabric and bags using natural plant fibers called Jute. The jute products are sustainable, ethical, reusable and eco-friendly, which sets these products apart, form the ubiquitous plastic and paper bags that we used to rely on so much.

Jute naturally. Unlike plastic, it’s not a byproduct of the global petrochemicals industry. And also unlike plastic, it biodegrades completely, to the benefit of the soil.

At simply Jute is natural, re-usable, long lasting, ethical and biodegradable. Which is not just and alternative – it is the only biodegradable option.